Britus Education launches BritusED to host educational and innovative pedagogies

Britus Education, a K-12 education platform designed to create innovative educational opportunities for its students with a philosophy of transforming them to become unique future leaders under its strategy of “learning without limits”, today announced a series of webinars, starting on the 28th of March 2021, as part of it’s newly launched educational interactive forum “BritusED”.

BritusED is a conceptual tool that helps orchestrate the ideas about educational transformation by connecting with the seasoned educators, experts and researchers across the globe.  This forum is intended to support the five year education strategy of Britus Education community around the GCC and MENA region.  A key element of this strategy is to support educators by offering the best possible and innovative tools to contribute towards the attainment and progress of all learners.

BritusED is aiming to offer a number of webinars, summits and conventions to all the schools under the banner of Britus Education.  The professional development and webinars are open for collaboration with the schools outside the Britus Education family as well.

The webinar sessions will be conducted by Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE, KidZania’s Global Director of Education and a Visiting Professor in the Institute of Education at HSE University, one of Russia’s leading universities.  BritusED’s first series of webinars will focused on “Transforming Education Post-COVID”, to identify innovative educating methods beyond the conventional four-walled classrooms.  Educators and policy makers within the field of education are invited to attend these sessions to engage with principles and ideas that support the development of educational provision that better serves the evolving needs of post-COVID education.

Commenting on the announcement, Mrs. Fatema Kamal, Acting CEO of Britus Education, said, “We thrive to provide what is best for our educators to adapt to new methods and trends given the current pandemic.  We are continuously ahead of our plans to ensure smooth delivery of quality education across our schools, and, through BritusED we aim to lend visibility to educational transformation by enlighten parents, educators and investors on the future of education post-pandemic.  We do not see educational transformation as an option, it’s a necessity.  Our collaboration with Dr Ger aligns with this aspiration and we look forward to the community benefiting from these webinars.”

Commenting on the announcement, Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE, the Global Director of Education at KidZania, said, “I am extremely excited to be invited to lead these webinars focusing on how COVID-19 has been an unprecedented moment in history, one that has brought uncertainty to all our lives.  Yet there are possible silver linings on the horizon as education systems begin to plan for a future, well beyond COVID-19.  It is important to sit back, and think long and hard about a longer-term aim to create a better education for every child.  Through these webinars I will be able to shed light on what I think today’s educators need.”

Britus Education Partners with IvyPlus Network to Present Online Summer Program

Manama – June 29, 2020 – Britus Education, a K-12 education platform designed to take advantage of value opportunities in the fragmented trillion dollar global private education industry, today announced its partnership with IvyPlus Network, a professional network of alumni from the top global universities for Ivy Young Entrepreneur, an online summer programme for 13-18 year olds from Bahrain & UAE from July 12-26 2020.

This online program is the first of its kind in Bahrain with a rigorous selection process. Through the program, students will learn how to identify innovative opportunities and develop business plans around them. A highlight for the program is pitch day, when students would be presenting their ideas to a jury of successful entrepreneurs and investors and one team would be selected as a winner. The program’s objective is for students to learn entrepreneurial skills such as how to be resilient, work in teams, communicate, lead and think strategically. Students selected for this summer program will also have a unique opportunity to attend a session on “How to Prepare for the Top 50 Global Universities” during the program.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Mark Whitfield, Education Director of Britus Education, said, “We aspire for our students to be enterprising learners, advanced performers, empathetic leaders and high achievers who go on to attend the best universities, secure the best jobs and become the leaders of the future. The partnership with IvyPlus aligns beautifully with this aspiration and we look forward to our students benefitting from this innovative programme.”

Commenting on the announcement, Ms. Swati Sahni, Founder & CEO of IvyPlus Network, said, “I am extremely excited for students from Bahrain and UAE to experience the Ivy Young Entrepreneur summer program. COVID-19 has been an unprecedented moment in history, one that has brought uncertainty to all our lives. Going ahead, it would be important for every student to learn entrepreneurial skills, as conventional jobs get disrupted. The ability to examine problems, think of innovative solutions, and execute an idea efficiently will help them differentiate themselves from others. This new world we are entering requires a new version of us and I believe our program will help students get there.”

Students interested in participating in the online summer program can apply by visiting Students and parents can contact