• Athena transforms to “Britus International School- Special Education”
  • Britus provides special needs students with path to enroll into its mainstream education

Manama – 31 October 2021 – Britus Education today announced the acquisition of the management and operations rights to Athena Private School for Special Education, which it will rebrand to Britus International School – Special Education (the “School”). The rebranding, which has been approved by the Ministry of Education, aligns with Britus’’efforts to unify and transform its growing network of schools owned and managed across the GCC and North Africa.

The School is a leading special education provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Established in 2019, it serves students age K-16+, catering to a broad range of special needs. These include general learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Communication Disorders, Physical Disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities (such as Dyslexia), Down Syndrome and other genetic or chromosomal disorders and those with neuro developmental disorders such as ADHD, ODD, OCD and ADD, among others.

Britus already operates seven private schools in the region under its own brand. These include four locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Al-Olaya, Al-Murabaa, Al- Rowda and Al- Fayhaa) and recently rebranded schools in Bahrain (AMA International School), Dubai (Sheffield Private School) and Tunis (British International School in Tunis).  As part of the Britus Education platform, students at Britus International School – Special Education who progress to the necessary level can also seamlessly be enrolled and transition into the mainstream Britus school network.

In line with Britus ’ongoing commitment to operate a world-class portfolio of schools across the GCC region, it is working hard to enhance and transform the quality and affordability of international standard education for all segments of the community with an emphasis on K-12 learning and also special needs education.

Commenting, Mrs. Fatema Kamal, Acting CEO of Britus Education, added, “We’re delighted to add a leading special education school to our portfolio of our schools in order to meet a key need in our community. We will work with special needs students that develop acceptable skill levels with the objective to blend them into mainstream education. The conversion of the School to our Britus brand also comes in line with our strategy and focus on building a powerful, home-grown regional education network. With its unique place in the community, serving a broad cross section of students with special needs, we are especially proud of the work of the School and will continue to invest in further enhancing its offering and the School’s ability to effectively serve and support our special needs students and their families.”

Britus Education has owns and manages a portfolio of K-12 schools and higher education assets located across the MENA region.  Its strategy focuses on identifying and investing in high quality schools that are capable of being further improved, have strong existing student capacity with room for additional growth and fee structures that are affordable to the fast-expanding mid-market.


About Britus Education

Britus Education is the Education arm of GFH Financial Group and a K-12 education platform, supported by world class research – is that there is no limit to what each child can learn and achieve. Our teachers are trained in this philosophy and their teaching encourages our students to be curious, determined, creative and confident in their own abilities.

We go beyond good grades. We help each student discover and nurture their individual talents – whether through academics, sports or the performing arts. Every child is different and our challenge is to not only build on their strengths and passions, but to give them the motivation to overcome and master areas that seem challenging at first https://brituseducation.com/.

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