Our Vision

To transform our learners into global citizens, lifelong learners, and innovative and wise leaders for 21st century and beyond…

Our Mission

Offer quality education that empowers learners to develop skills for the unpredictable future, build their leadership competencies, strengthen their appreciation for heritage and acceptance for globalization; by adapting internationally recognized research based educational practices.

11 Schools

We have a growing family of distinctive schools, each unique in offering a world-class educational experience while rooted in its local community

4 Countries

With a focus on the MENA region, we currently have schools across KSA, UAE, Tunisia and Bahrain, with plans to welcome schools in new countries to our family

International K-12 Curriculums

We offer a range of reputed international curriculums, including the British Curriculum, US Common Core Curriculum, IB Diploma Programme and Egyptian Curriculum

Our Core Values

Britus Education is diverse in its nature – with a variety of geographies, curricula and communities represented. However, every member of the Britus Education family – be it our team, our educators or our students – are unified by a commitment to embody a core set of values that define.

The Britus Education Method

Every day, the world’s challenges grow more complex, calling for greater ingenuity to address them. At Britus Education, we aim to harness that ingenuity within each and every child. Not just to prepare them to live in a world that demands adaptability, but to empower them to become empathetic, self-confident leaders who innovate through those challenges and create opportunities for generations to come.

Our Ethos

Our experience – supported by world class research – is that there is no limit to what each child can learn and achieve. We help each student discover and nurture their individual talents – whether through academics, sports or the performing arts. Every child is different and we aim to not only build on their individual strengths and passions, but to give them the motivation to overcome and master areas that seem challenging at first.

Britus Education Skills for 21st Century & Beyond

With economic, technological and social landscapes rapidly changing, leading international educators and organisations such as the World Economic Forum and the Global Partnership for Education have shared their studied views on the fundamental skills and competencies needed by students to succeed in tomorrow's world. As such, we are committed to ensuring all our Britus Education students are equipped with the following:

Affordably Premium

Our schools are committed to offering students a premium education at an affordable range.

Inclusively Educational

We cater to each student’s unique capabilities and commit to unlocking their full potential.

Diversely Connected

Our students have a chance to interact and collaborate with peers across our growing family of Britus Education schools.

Affordably premium

We believe academic excellence should be accessible to students across all backgrounds. This is why our schools are committed to offering students a premium education at an affordable range.

Inclusively Innovative

Academic accessibility isn’t only a matter of means – but is also matter of catering to individual strengths. Starting from the admission process and all through their schooling with Britus Education, we take into consideration each student’s unique capabilities and dedicate ourselves towards unlocking their full potential.

Diversely Connected

Our growing family of five schools across the GCC – offering a variety of renowned international curriculums – act as a true family. Each member is unique with its own individual offerings, yet exists within a tightknit community. This offers our students the chance to interact and collaborate with their peers across the Britus Education family of schools, exposing them to a wider range of learning and developmental opportunities.