Our teachers

Inspired students grow to become inspiring leaders – which is why many of today’s great minds attribute their success to a teacher. A teacher who ignited an interest in a pursuit which led to a passion to succeed. We seek teachers who have the skill, experience and determination to create this in our students.

Our teachers represent a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, but share the dedication and experience needed to shape tomorrow’s leaders. But tomorrow’s needs are ever-changing, which is why we have developed a professional development programme in each school that allows our teachers to add to their skills and be empowered to introduce new approaches to creating great learning.

Our Principals

Our principals’ role is to embody the Britus Education Approach and be our Leaders of Learning. Our principals are educators who care passionately about helping each student succeed. They are the face of their schools –known to all parents and representing the school in the community. They are also closely involved in the recruitment of new teachers, for a school can be no better than the quality of its teachers. Finally, they ensure the school is safe, well run and provides plenty of opportunities for children to learn.

Our principals are committed to providing an education that helps each student achieve their best, and we are committed to supporting them in doing so.

Our Leadership Team

Britus Education aims to be the leading schools group in the region.  It is led by a small team who provide guidance, challenge and support to the schools.  Each member of the team is experienced in school management but, as parents themselves, they are driven by their belief in the Britus Education philosophy that every child is capable of performing highly with the right opportunities to learn, personalised support and instilling a motivation to succeed.